Bunches Florist staff will only use the address and telephone number you supply for the purposes of organising the delivery you have ordered. Bunches Florist does not sell any of your details including your name, telephone number or address to marketing firms or other people.  The purpose of obtaining telephone numbers and addresses is so that we can use them to successfully organise your order. Quite often people give us incorrect addresses or gates are locked and we need to call either the sender or recipient so that we can help you to have the order delivered.

The website has an SSL certificate to encrypt both credit card and personal details, only those authorized personnel with a correct username and password have access.

The payment section is handled by the firm Stripe and you are welcome to view their website for security guidelines . Your credit card details are never handled by our system and we do not receive a copy of your credit card number. The web developer enflexion has provided our online ordering system and you are welcome to view their information at 

If you don't feel safe ordering online then please don't. You are more than welcome to contact Bunches Florist directly to place your order.  You can telephone and make payment with your card over the phone on 03 62297845. You are also welcome to visit  Bunches Florist in person and we accept cash if you prefer. If you are not in Hobart Kingston Tasmania, you can call into your local florist and they will be happy to assist you. 


Never submit your credit card details over an insecure site. Check your browser for a small, locked padlock somewhere near the address bar as is on You should also log off from and your computer and not let any body else use your computer.