Mixed Native Style Arrangement

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Designer Selected Mixed Native Style Arrangement

Our beautiful mixed native style arrangements usually incorporate proteas, leaucadendrons, and where possible and season permitting Australian flowers, foliages and fillers. From time to time we also include other types of flowers but try to keep to that wild wonderful look.

Generally speaking these types of flowers are described as having low pollen and minimal fragrance.

This arrangement is designed in a container using floral foam, which can be convenient as the recipient doesn't need to find a vase.  Very suitable if you are sending to a  hospital, nursing home or work place.

Usually these flowers are all grown locally in Tasmania with the majority of them coming from the Wisby Wildflower farm located south of Kingston Tasmania.

Substitution and Delivery Agreement 

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Substitution Agreement

Please be aware that the flowers in your order will not be the same flowers as in the photo. While every effort is made to ensure the product description and colour selected will be used circumstances may arise due to seasonal availability where containers, flower colours and varieties may be substituted with that of similar suitability.

Delivery Agreement

In the event the recipient is not present at the time of delivery you give authority for your order to be left and agree to pay any further costs associated with delivery if required. 

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